Paper on Trumpism and the Future of US Democracy Accepted for Publication

I am happy to share that my paper “If You’re Not Scared, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention: Trump, the Radicalization of the GOP, and the Future of US Democracy” (in German) has been accepted by the Austrian Journal of Political Science (ÖZP) for publication.

The article discusses the future of US democracy after the end of Donald J. Trump’s scandal-ridden presidency, which culminated in a violent attempted self-coup. In contrast to many observers outside the United States who appear to assume that Joe Biden’s inauguration marks the failure of the coup attempt, I argue that this view is overly optimistic. First, Trump by no means acted alone but was supported by leading figures in the Republican Party (GOP). Second, the attack on democratic norms and institutions to restore and permanently cement Republican minority rule continues to move forward. The 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election et the course on whether the United States will return to liberal democracy or degrade into Hungary-style competitive authoritarianism.

It will be made available open access here:

A pre-print is available here.